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Latest Edition of East Garston News

Speed and Weed!

Community Speedwatch
Our Speedwatch volunteers have continued to monitor speeding along the Newbury Road between the Queens Arms and Rogers Lane.  You may well have seen them out with SID, the Speed Indicator Device in May, June and July.  Whilst average speeds of the 2,071 vehicles caught in the surveys were within the 30 - 35 mph range, it is more worrying to report that 35% of vehicles were exceeding 35 mph and 15% exceeding 46 mph.  The highest speeds recorded were between 50 and 60 mph.

The survey showed that there were three times more vehicles travelling in excess of 45 mph towards Lambourn than those travelling towards Newbury, and also that drivers were going faster outside of the morning and evening peak periods.

Some 'close calls' were witnessed - the worst of which involved two hikers walking on the highway where there is no verge on the downhill bend and who were very narrowly missed by a speeding lorry coming up behind them who could not pull out because of a speeding van coming in the opposite direction.  Had they not managed to jump up onto the bank, it would have been a major incident.  Fortunately they were young and able bodied hikers, but not all walkers would have such agility.  Had the vehicles been travelling within the speed limit, they would have been able to safely adjust their speeds and take appropriate avoiding action. 
West Berks Council is planning to add some additional SLOW road markings and install White gates at the village boundaries in late summer and we are encouraging Thames Valley Police to carry out enforcement work as well as repeating the SID surveys in the autumn.
Meanwhile, please observe the speed limit at all times and help avoid the risk of serious injury to other road users and yourselves.

If you want more information or would like to join the Speedwatch volunteers, please contact the Parish Council

River Clearance
Similar to Speedwatch, there is an increasing reliance on maintaining our village by volunteers. The river clearance team have been at work over the past few weeks ensuring that this focal point of our village is safe and attractive. Thanks go to Trevor Butcher, David Knight, Jane and Henry Matysek, Mark Brock, Christopher Vaughan, Nigel Gay James Pryer and Karen Sperrey also to Rebecca Gay for cold drinks and biscuits. They did a wonderful job as could be seen by the vast piles of weed on the river bank. If you would like to volunteer to help with village maintenance, then please contact the Parish Council

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library
Last year,the Parish Council became aware of this excellent literacy programme for under 5's and decided to support it through the Community Grant Programme, It enables any under 5 in the community to receive a free book every month from birth to the age 5. It was therefore particularly pleasing to hear recently that the project is thriving and still serving children in East Garston. If you have a child under 5 then you should take a look . Details here

100 Years of Remembrance
To mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, an exhibition will be held in All Saints Church over the Remembrance weekend. If anyone has any artefacts such as medals, letters, cards or any memorabilia that could be included in the display then please contact Dawn Tonge on 01488 648370 or dawnmarytonge@gmail.com

Barn Dance, 1st September
The Social Club are organising a Barn Dance in the Village HAll on 1st September. Details here.

Macmillan Coffee Morning
A date for your diary, the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning will be held in the Village Hall on Friday 28th September 10.30 - noon. More details will follow.

Children’s Poetry and Prose Competition

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, Newbury Town Council has launched a Children’s Poetry and Prose Competition. Children under 16 are encouraged to take time during the school summer holidays to compose a poem or write a piece of prose on the theme of An Inspirational Woman in Your Life. More details here.

4LEGS Community Radio broadcasts every Friday

You can listen in here between 9.00am and 4.30pm

Or catch up here on previous broadcasts

Events in the Village are usually highlighted in East Garston News and on the Village Website, when we know about them! Keep checking What's On. If you wish to promote an event then please send details to the Parish Council, details below.
More than 70 people have now joined the new East Garston Facebook neighbourhood group which has been established to provide an alternative communications channel for those living in or interested in East Garston. To join follow this link. Facebook - East Garston

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