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Latest Edition of East Garston News

Update on Sewage and Speeding

Apologies for the number of newsletters recently but residents are asking for updates. 

Sewage Emergency, Humphreys Lane and Millennium Field
Thames Water are working to replace the entire length of pipe running between the gardens on Humphreys Lane and Hillside. The Parish Council understand that this may take up to two weeks. The technique being used will not, apparently, involve excavating gardens but will be done from either end i.e. the Millennium Field and the paddock off Rogers Lane.
This means that excavation work is now taking place again in the Millennium Field. Since the ground is not contaminated on this occasion, the Millennium Field will not be closed. The excavation area is fenced off, however you are advised to ensure that children and pets do not stray into the work area.
The Parish Council will be meeting with Thames Water shortly to demand a longer term solution.

Speeding through East Garston
A message from the group of volunteer parishioners who are working with the Parish Council to make our roads safer.

  • Are you concerned about traffic speeding along the Newbury Road in the 30 mph zone?  
  • What will change drivers’ behaviour?  
  • We have identified a number of changes to signage and markings that may encourage drivers to reduce their speed.  
  • Have your say by completing our short on line questionnaire.Click here for the questionnaire   (closing date 26th August 2017)

You can find out more about what we have been doing and the results of our speeding surveys on the Parish Council website or by clicking below. 

Click here see our speedwatch presentation

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