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Latest Speedwatch Report

The East Garston speedwatch volunteers were out again between 16th and 23 July on the Newbury Road. Over 15 hours of survey time we tracked 819 vehicles, 35% of which were travelling in excess of 35 mph in the 30 mph zone. It is pleasing to note a small reduction in traffic volumes, down to 53 vehicles per hour from previous figures in the high 60's and 70's. But less pleasing that average speeds remain above the speed limit with over a third exceeding the prosecution threshold of 35 mph. We encourage all drivers to observe the speed limit through the village and be aware of other road users including pedestrians, horse riders and drivers, cyclists, and slow moving farm traffic, especially over the summer period. For much of this section of road there is no pavement and limited verge space making it more difficult to avoid speeding vehicles. We know there are problems with speeding in Eastbury and Lambourn too and it's in all our interests to respect the speed limits along the whole valley - by no means all of the speeding vehicles are from outside the area! Police enforcement actions are also being carried out so please don't speed, don't risk getting points on your licence and a fine, and don't risk causing serious injury to people or horses.